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Experience Puerto Rico without the worries of food allergies. Are you a tourist whose visiting for the first time or a local in search for a new adventure? Are you chef, own a local business, sell local produce, artisan or entrepreneur? Well this is the blog for you! Restaurant Reviews, Road Trips, Local Products, Cooking, News, Interviews and more! Contribute by emailing me! This blog is always under construction!


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learn to cook gluten and lactose free


get the latest food news

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get to know the products of PR

Road Trips

use the map or get ideas

Special Ed

adventures outside PR


coming soon! videos interviewing chefs, local business owners, and costumers

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NOTICIAS Estudiante de la UPR busca presentar opciones gastronómicas libres de gluten y lactosa

"La joven desarrolló el blog gastronómico como una opción para aquellas personas que son alérgicas al gluten y a la lactosa."

Campus Celebrity: Paola Zaragoza

"With a passion for writing, food, and law, our celebrity of the week, Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales, a law student in the UPR aspires to promote the culinary experience in Puerto Rico (while being allergy friendly, too!) with her popular foodie blog, Culinary Road Trips Puerto Rico!"

Flavors of San Juan

"The foodie blogger Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales featured Flavors of San Juan for a special edition post on her foodie blog Culinary Road Trips Puerto Rico.  This might seem like another foodie blog in town, but Paola makes her mark as she discovers the hidden gems of Puerto Rico all while meeting the challenges of her specific diet:  gluten-freee, lactose-free and berry-free! What does a foodie blogger who can’t eat everything eat then?! Well Flavors of San Juan was wonderful at accommodating her special dietary needs!"

Chocolate Chip Studio

"Meet Paola Zaragoza, of Culinary Road Trips Puerto Rico, where she writes about restaurant reviews, local products, road trips and food news with a focus on food allergies in where else? Puerto Rico, of course!"

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