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Dosent matter if you're a local wanting to do something new or a tourist wanting to explore. Our restaurant reviews, local products, road trips, recipies, and posts will help you explore PR better. Real Restaurant Reviews with easy directions, suggested times, food, price, parking, and more. Learn about local products and where to get them. Learn to cook puertorrican and international food. Plan your road trips. get updates on news, events and activities. To you this might seem just another ordinary food blog, but it’s not! It’s about my adventures discovering hidden gems, famous places and surprises of Puerto Rico. My trips aren’t just for eating there for exploring what different cities of Puerto Rico have to offer for tourism. I also try to keep the blog up to date with any new restaurant, if any have closed or moved. When I don’t go to a new place I post links to activities, food festivals, and news. This might seem like normal to you fellow blogger but whats the catch? I have food allergies to gluten, lactose and berries. I also have a condition called polycystic kidney disease. You might think i cant eat practically anything but you’ll just have to read my food blog to find out what tricks I have up my sleeve. I have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, and Tumblr You can use #culinaryroadtripspuertorico to see updates too! If you cant find me please contact me at Disclosure: the blog posts that consist of or have links to news, events, activities, food festivals, websites, articles and other information are not exclusive content of this blog. This is information that I decide to share and I’m not affiliated to any of the companies. I make clear that every time I post this type of information that it is from a newspaper or website that is not mine and is not exclusive content of the blog. The exclusive content of this blog are the restaurant reviews, chef interviews, photos (that are clearly not screen shots), road trip reviews, special eds, and gluten and lactose advice. Make sure that the blog is cited and mentioned correctly when sharing.

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