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34 Sur (formerly known as Chimichurri) sur facebookType: Argentinian SteakhouseAddress: Calle Arblote #9, Design Plaza near the Guaynabo Judicial CourtParking: limited, the have valet parkingprice: $30 per person could be more if you order drinkskids: very kid friendlyFood: a modernized, revamped and much-needed tlc to the traditional Argentinean restaurant chimichurri. the best bang for your buck is the parrillada because you can try many things and share food. everything was well cooked, seasoned and delicious. if the restaurant is packed the food will take some time to arrive. the meat is tender and they have great sides. for appetizer i suggest you order the tablitas because you can taste the most popular appetizers and share. they use local produce which is cool. they don’t have gluten and lactose free desserts but they do consider modifications in the food. just tell the waiter your allergy and they’ll take care of it!Service: the service has changed significantly from chimichurri to 34 sur. a great improvement. they are very friendly, considerate and they know the menu. it has a great ambiance, great for hanging out on the weekends or after work. very casual. they tend to get slow at rush hour but its worth the wait. i suggest you come before or after rush hour so you can enjoy 34 sur.comment: it was very brave move for the chimichurri owners, not everyone is willing to acknowledge when your business needs a fresh turn around and plus it is risky to do in PR’s economic status.

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