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Umi Japanese/ AsianAddess: PL2 Cupey Plaza, Carr PR-176 Km 1.6 San Juan, PRkids: yesparking: limitedprice: $0-30 if you want a lot of food for an affordable price this is the place to gofood: its a lot of food, so share. its good food, well seasoned, and has many options. we tried the pepper stake, rice noodles with skirt stake, lettuce wraps, orange chicken, dumplings and egg rolls. for dessert lychee (its a fruit that is white and delicious, and if you find it in your super market you can use it for your Halloween party as dress them up as eye balls.) and fried banana. since it was my first time in an Asian restaurant since i started on the diet i was worried and nervous and said to almost every one not to put soy sauce in my food. they also do take out, sushi and catering; they are open for lunch.service: they are very nice and surprisingly considerate to food allergies. i expected them to be confused by the fact that i didn’t want soy sauce in my food, not many people know that soy sauce has gluten even the so claimed gluten free tamari sauce has gluten, its a really low gluten content but not completely free. if it has wheat in its ingredients it has gluten. it is a casual restaurant but they also have wine.if you are going to drink sake ask its not necessarily gluten free!

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