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Alvarado Meats

Alvarado Meats

they specialize in (cow and pigs) meat products like pepper steak, liver, heart, kidneys, they self the meat with or with out the bone, whole or ground, mondongo, pig strips, etc. you can find it at your local supermarket like Walmart and amigo. the farm is located in 2 places pigs in north and cows and processing plant in the south. 

most of the week i’m semi vegetarian (the little protein that i consume is white meat) but in the weekends i cant hide my carnivorous side, specially when mom makes her famous “its Friday” hamburgers with garlic mayo-ketchup (mayonnaise and ketchup) and oven backed fries. 

support the local economy by looking for the sticker “made in Puerto Rico”

#specialedition #vocero

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