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Type: Seafood

Price: $60 per person

Parking: there is a parking across the street and valet parking



Appetizer: cucumber fresh green salad. a simple yet modern salad. super crunchy locally produced. There was also a pumpkin soup with cremfresh. I didn’t try it, my dad did and he told me it was good.

Main dish: Salmon with vegetables and risotto. the salmon was tender perfectly seasoned. I did not try the risotto because it had cheese.

Dessert: coconut sorbet dipped in chocolate and mini cheesecakes. they were so cute and delicious! They are modern and the perfect size.

Drinks: sangria and a martini with tropical tastes like orange, peaches, and grapefruit


They can make modifications to accommodate your food allergies.

They are excellent and fast.

The restaurant has an excellent view, inside and outside seats, a bar, and music.

They have cute dog sculpture at the entrance.


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