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As’ Salam ArabAddress: 239 PR-23, San Juan, 00918Parking: very limited valet parkingPrice: $20-40 per personKids: yesService: The service is great, they are very considerate to food allergies and know what to recommend. They have a small but good wine selection. They sometimes have belly dancers that balance candles on their heads. The restaurant has a relax atmosphere. They explain the menu and recommend items, so ask away!Food: they have a lot of food. All very good, well seasoned and authentic. I recommend you try the combinations which bring you I variety of dishes to try and share. The combinations have rice, lamb, chicken, skirt stake, sausage, vegetables, and other authentic items. Also try the hummus, falafel and chicken or lamb garam masala. They also have a variety of desserts made from puff pastry which of course I cant eat but my parents and boyfriend told me they where good. They have pistachio, almonds, caramel and other tasty stuff.

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