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The second stop for the Puerto Rico restaurant week is this excellent place from Wilson who owns Vendimia, my favorite restaurant.

You can make reservations on Open Table


Type: Afro Latino Fusion

Kids: Grown up kids

Price: $50 per person

Parking: there is a multi level parking available right next door



Aranchini: crispy and creamy taste that reminded me of a croquette

Tomato Salad: A caprese salad but with no cheese and candied tomato. A refresing start to the wonderful meal.

Crudo: a modern take to the ceviche with tuna and salmon. topped with avocados enough said!

Lamb croquet: lamb, sweet plantains and cheese foam. smoky grilled and a nice contrast of flavors

Chicken wrapped in bacon: decadent, indulgent and perfect

Beef Steak: tender, juicy and nice grilled flavor with couscous (not GF so I didn’t try it)

Codfish: fresh and simple taste with a lemon sauce and crispy thin onions

Pasta: a simple pasta with vegetables and shrimp. Light sauce. Not GF.

Fruits: a nice refreshing fruit salad with honey. A nice end to the meal and a great modification for vegans and gluten free eaters.

Tart: a tangy twist to the traditional tart and tiramisu with fresh lime and lemon. kind of like a key lime pie but modern.

Sorbet: a variety of homemade sorbets of coconut, guava, and lemon. Delicious!


They have live music, a tabacco area and have two bars. The restaurant has a modern style with black, red and silver metallic.

Wilson and his family have made sure that the waiters give excellent service. They basically treat you like royalty.

The restaurant provides a large selection of wines, cocktails and drinks. They are super considerate to people with food allergies and dietary restrictions. They modified my dishes by removing any cheese or gluten and if it was not possible they recommend dishes that would easily accommodate my needs.


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