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Basilia’s (previously known as Bebo’s Cafe) criolloAddress: paseos mall, san juanPrice: $20-30 ave.Parking: mall parkingKids: yesService: they are very nice and considerate to food allergies. they were previously known as bebo’s cafe and it was the same concept. they had some problems getting ingredients for the food but not any more. they changed the menu and made it shorter. you can order the food to go. it is a good place to have a quick meal, some thing short and sweet.Food: the food is great, well seasoned, fresh, and light. i tried the skirt stake with tostones and mom tried the skirt stake wrap, both delicious. there are also a lot of interesting delicious things on the menu like there frappes, sangria, mofongo, soups, and chicken.Comment: it dosent get full so you can come here without reservations.

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