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Bistro Tartine

Type: French/EuropeanPrice: $5-20 per person, buffet is $14 personAddress: Hospital Hima Caguas, LobbyParking: valet parking and regular parkingkids: yes, its family friendlyService: I know its weird going to a hospital to eat at a restaurant but the food is good. they initially established here because the hospital had promised them that they would build a hotel, but that hasn’t happened. despite this they still get people at lunchtime and dinner. the ambiance is relaxing, they are really friendly and considerate, and really good. they have special events on certain days like music, dancing and performances. the owner treats you like family and really cares for you.Food: they have a regular menu and a buffet menu only on thursday. I usually order the burger but there are other delicious things on the menu like the pumpkin soup, filet mignon, scallops, ceviche, chuleton, and the deserts. In the buffet they usually serve pickled viandas, rice, couscous or quinoa, vegetables, sausage, chicken, pork, their best-selling desserts or pastries. everything is well cooked, seasoned, with a really nice fresh modern twist to french food and full of flavor.

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