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Type: internationalAddress:Parking: limited but has valet parkingPrice: $30-50Kids: older than 18 if it’s like 9pmService: the place is modern and huge, it was an old storage space, It still has the ramp. You can choose various places to eat: out side, bar, table, or private room for activities. They also have a wine and cheese shop at the entrance before passing to the restaurant. The reason I say no underage kids past 9 it’s that the restaurant turns into a bar lounge for dancing around that time and they serve alcohol at the bar. It a great place to hangout and have a great time.They make you feel at home and are super friendly. They are super considerate to food allergies even though they don’t have a separate kitchen.They have a menu that is super original: it’s in the form of a wine barrel.Food: we ordered food to share. Fries, sweet plantains, skirt steak, prime steak, rice, and lamb chops. The meat juicy, tender and well seasoned; fries and sweet plantains to perfection; the lamb was light and flavorful. We also had chorizo and it was great. We didn’t have dessert because there were none that where gluten and lactose free.


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