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Brio/ allegro (now Muzzarella)

Brio (previously known as Allegro, now known as Muzzarella) Concept: International bistro art gallery included Address: Ave. Piñero 1165 Caparra Terrace Guaynabo, PR Kids menu: no but theres food theyll love Parking: yes, a bit uncomfortable Price: $30-50 per person Service: excellent, they make you feel like family and they are very relaxed. Food: amazing you will fall in love at first bite. out of this world rissottos and meat. i dont know what they do but it is so good, ill take it as they add a whole lot of love. Comment: do not confuse it for a furniture store its not. Come early, ask the owner about the activities they can make or do on the 2nd floor so you can enjoy the art exhibits. i dont know where they owners have gone to now but ill keep you updated.

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