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Buenos Aires Bar & Grill

Buenos AiresConcept: Argentinian Food

Address: There’s is one in Condado Esq Magdalena and one near Pinoli but you have to go toward Capri and park in a mall where probably you buy your kids uniforms.

Kid Approved: yes, they have kids menu.

Service: Good and casual. The waiters are really good at there job.

Price: $30-50 per person

Food: buttery, rich and good bread (here they once had chocolate bread). The “parrillada” never fails and the deserts are cool.

Comments: the road of the mall is in real bad conditions but it has better parking than the one in Condado and has valet parking available. It is not the safest place to put a restaurant but it those the trick when you want something simple and close by.Recent Update: they have been going cheap on there food, unseasoned, poorly done and old. the economy, limited budgets and cuts have taken this great restuarant down.

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