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Burger & Beer Joint americanaddress: mall of San Juan terrace 3rd floorparking: a lotprice: $25-30 per personservice: they are very nice and know what to recommend, specially when its your first time here. they tell you ahead of time that the burgers are big that if your not of a big appetite you should order one to share. they also are good at recommending what to drink, they told us that each burger is paired with various beers since I cant drink beer because it has gluten I ordered the drink of the day. i suggest you come here early or past midday because it gets full. the first month this got here to the island the burgers sold out within the hour and still now it gets I tried a simple burger with bacon and fries, the bun was gluten free of course. It was tender, cooked to perfection and well seasoned. they also have other gluten free items like the quinoa if your not in the mood for a burger. the beers that my parents tried were really good, they told me they had a similar taste to blue moon and ufo. my drink was a refreshing orange, watermelon and champagne mimosa.

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