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Burger Lovers Fest @ tablado Guaynabo

type: food festivalAddress: tablado de Guaynabo, Coliseo Mario “Quijote” MoralesPrice: $5 per personParking: the colosiums parkingService:it was excellent the food truck had areas for shade and to sit down and eat, and they are really nice.I had a great time and plan to return to the next burger festival.Food: there were food trucks available, drinks and artisans with candy and snacks. the main theme of the festivals were burgers from the traditional to the most interesting, there was alot of variety.Meetball Company: sandwiches, meatballs, meatball burgers

Dondesa: sandwiches, wraps, burgers with crazy toppings like king crab, piquillo, chicken, ham and jabaneros

Pan pepin food truck: they were offering Alcapurria sliders

Blue burger: it reminded me of the sponge bob episode of pretty patties, the burgers have a blue and pink buns.

Rico Burger: they have a burger toped with sweet plantains, bacon and egg, sound crazy but tottally delicious, also try there hot sauces: traditional pique, bbq sauce, guayaba sauce and apple sauce. they are really good for the burger for the fries, trust me you will forget about the ketchup.

Wing burger: burgers with hot wing seasoning an bbq sauce

Sabor Limon: a home made lemonade, naturally sweetend and with fresh local ingredients, you will receive a huge plastic cup to enjoy your super refresing summer drink.

Artisans: local cheese, coffee, drinks inside pineapples, jewelry, clothes, macacrame, candy, dolls and more.

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