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Cafe el punto

Rating: Classic Criollo

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type: criollo cafe

address: 105 Fortaleza Street, San Juan 00901, Puerto Rico

parking: none. You have to park in the parking lots near where the cruises are located

price: less than $30, it’s very affordable

kids: yes, it’s a great place to take your kids.


1st Visit

Excellent, despite the space limitations of the restaurant.

They are super at giving you personalized attention.

They are very considerate towards allergies, they are willing to modify their menu items so you can enjoy the meal.

2nd Visit

The service was also excellent and had a great time. They are pretty fast and make sure that your having a great time.


They have a variety of criollo food for everyone and also great mojitos.

1st visit

The first visit was short because it was a stop programmed in the Flavors San Juan Tour which you can read here:

I tried an alcapurria and ceviche, and they are so good and fresh. Also, try with them the homemade secret recipe hot sauce, spicy but trust me you’ll end up putting it on everything you eat. They also sell this hot sauce, just in case. All items are made with fresh local products.

2nd visit

I tried the stuffed avocado with skirt steak and mofongo with shrimp. The stuffed avocado was super delicious, perfectly seasoned and the avocado really fresh. The mofongo was crunchy and perfectly paired with the shrimp.


The criollo restaurant is also a small shop full of jewelry, vejigante masks, instruments, sculptures, ornaments and more; all made by local artists. The criollo restaurant is small with limited tables so you might want to make reservations or come early.

I really enjoyed both of my visits and had a great time.

I recommend buying a souvenir and going to eat here.

Enjoy the photos!

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