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Cafe Valencia

Type: Spanish

Address: 1000 PR-1, San Juan, 00927, Puerto Rico

Parking: theres a small parking available and I think there is valet parking available

Price: $30-50

Kids: if the are allergic to sea food there is the meat paella.

Service: really good, the have been doing this for quite some time so the are experts at recommending, attention to detail, super nice manners, etc.

Food: these paellas are like going to Spain with out taking the plane, a total flavor touch down. they do tend to be large, so one is enough to share amoung 3 people. they do have the split paella pan for half and halfspace so you can try a variety of paellas.they do have other authentically spanish dishes but thiers specialty crown jewel is the paella.

Comment: even if this is a large place, do come early it gets full fast.

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