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type: internationaladdress: calle Loizakids: yesparking: limited but the have valet parkingprice: $30-50 ave.service: they treat you like family, a super specialized service from start to finish. the restaurant is a small art gallery and has beautiful wood ceilings and doors. make reservations or come early because it tends to get full on Sundays and Friday’s. they are very considerate to food allergies but don’t have a separate kitchen to avoid gluten cross contamination. the restaurant was recommended by the owner of Reina del Mar and thank you it was great that you told us about this place! the place is fairly new and  in its location it is known for its gatherings, parties, lounging, and nocturnal they specialize in fresh lobster and seafood, as you can see in the pictures our local lobster is huge. they have friends who are fishermen that get these every day. they also have super fresh plantains and super tender meats. if you are going to order lobster be prepared to share! the chef will show you the lobster before cooking it and let you choose the sauce. he lets you choose the sauce for all other seafood! for dessert papaya candy and sorbet!

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