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Casa Lola

Type: modern criollo

Address: near puente dos hermanos, next to Chili’s in Ave. Ashford. This is the old Ajili Mojili Building.

Price: $30-50

Parking: valet parking available

Service: vary caring and keen to details. They are all new, so be paitient with them, this restaurant started operations on monday. They do their best.

Food: Veal filled with morcilla, longanisa in alcapurria filling, shark chicharron, and rice and beans meat balls. all of the delicious criollo food you can imagine with a gourmet and orginal twist that is out of this world. the desserts are good too.

Comment: this is the new restaurant by chef Treviño, which i went to on its second day of business and they did great. I hope that they can take this restaurant to the level of Budatai and Bar Gitano, so it can be as popular as these two. I wish Treviño and Casa Lola the best

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