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Casita Miramar

Address: 605 Av. Miramar, San Juan, 00907Type: International/ CriolloPrice: $10-30 averageParking: valet parking. There is a small lot that has to guards. Its those get full fast.Kids: teens and 18+Service: get here early, even though the place is large with alot of tables it gets full past 7:30pm. The place is full of antiques, plants, books and good food. If the place is full think about everything that you are going to order, so the waiter has to only take one order. I say this because the waiter would disappear for long periods of time and we would have to call another waiter to let them know that we wanted something in particular. The service is good. I can understand that the waiter is in a rush but one thing is that and another is barely giving the client time to say what they want. The restaurant has an antique café style with really cool tables and stuff.Food: The food is marvelous. I tried the ribs that had a coffee and cinnamon rub with tostones; my parents tried a mashed vianda with fish and chicken with salad. The served a plantain soup and bacalaito as free starters and a anise shot as dessert. You can just eat appetizers or entries or both. The starter soup was light and delicious. The ribs were heavenly, with that light coffee flavor. They were really tender. My parents really liked their dishes, they said that the fish was fresh and the chicken was really well done.

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