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Chicago Burger burgersaddress:100 Brumbaugh Street San Juan, Puerto Rico. the sheraton near the cruise port price: $30 aveparking: hotel’s parkingkids: yesfood: different varieties of burgers, Jibartio burger with plantains and Creole sauce, or go sophisticated with the CBC burger smothered in caramelized onions, sherry mushrooms, cheese and bacon on a toasted bun. Naturally, there’s plenty at CBC beyond burgers: take a walk on the lighter side with a juicy grilled chicken sandwich or a plump veggie burger, and pair it all with an ice cold beer, a side of crispy onion rings. For me it was just a regular burger nothing out of this world, there are better burgers out there made by local restaurants.service: they are nice and fast. considerate to food allergies.comment: good for a quick meal, but if your a tourist and i want to explore and get to know the food and culture of Puerto Rico, i think that going to a burger joint that you probably have back home isn’t the best way to do this. the place inst bad but i just saying that when i go travel i eat everything that is autochthonous to the place and i when i travel i want to support the local economy.I bet your asking me why do you say what you say that go to the place anyways? I run a food blog I have to go everywhere and it was a holiday where this was one of the few places near by that was open.

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