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Type: criollo/internationaladdress: Placita of Santurceprice: $30-50 aveparking: none, in the placita of santurce you have to find a space in the streets or a person that has a reserved space for parking and walkService: the service was good, I noticed that  our waiter was having some problems, I don’t know if he was new or not. He seemed rushed and clumsy, he took orders without hearing them completely and quickly served us to get us out of the way. We had ordered alcapurrias that were never served, water that was handed to us in the bottle and not in glasses, and he broke some plates and didn’t help to clean. I noticed it was him and not the restaurant when we ordered water from a another waiter and he served them in glasses and brought napkins to put under them. He also forgot orders and had to return to retake them various times.  He also was very rude to me when I asked if the meat had any flour or butter, he said how can a meat that’s made in a skillet have any of that. I almost said hello most restaurant use that to make the meat crispy, juicy, and make it shiny. Anyways I observed the other waiters and they were much nicer than this one.However, I do have to  give credit to the Excecutive Chef Sheidy Rodriguez Piñero she has done everything from waiter, barista, sous chef, worked in New York and in PR. She uses local products for her cooking and cooks, cleans, greets you at the entrance, supervises, serves drinks, she literally does everything! She is so nice she even got us complementary chicharrones! She told me that the restaurant is going to have some special events such as a Food Network interview, food festivals and special menus.   Thats her in the picture below! ( You’re so awesome!)

Food: we ordered chicharrones which were crispy, delicious and had a spicy sauce. The octopus was tender and sweet. The longaniza with breadfruit (pana) tostones were fresh, crispy, spicy and tender. the chuletones (big beef stake) and skirt stake  were tender, well seasoned, with really good rice and salad. We didn’t have desert because none of them were gluten-lactose free.Comment: the placita is a place to hang out, people usually walk to the restaurants there and leave there cars nearby. It gets crowded and noisy fast, so you have to get here early or make reservations at the restaurant your going. At least the place has cops around. other than 8 del blanco near the university this is the other place that makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations / Parts Unknownvia PressSync

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