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Chicken stock and rice

  1. Ingredients:

  2. bones from 1 whole chicken (what mom does is that when ever she cooked or buys a roasted chicken she shreds the meat and stores the bones in the freezer

  3. 1 huge onion

  4. culantro/ recao 6-7 leaves

  5.  6 cloves garlic

  6. chicken breast strips

  7. sofrito 3 ice cubes (remember that time that mom and i made a whole bunch of it and froze it…)

  8. 3 cups rice

  9. 1 bouillon cube (make sure its gluten-lactose free!)

  10. 3 table spoons of tomato paste (no salt added version)

  11. procedure

  12. in a large pan pour water, bones, culantro, onion and garlic. let it boil for an hour until water get flavor

  13. while  that is boiling away put in another pan the sufrito cubes and the bouillon cube and let them melt

  14. pour rice and mix with melted cubes, pour 4 cups of stock when it is done.

  15. you can freeze the rest of the stock for later use

  16. if chicken is already cooked put this last if not put chicken first, let it cook and then pour rice with water.

  17. when water is almost evaporated turn rice

  18. wait until al dente to serve.

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