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Chimichurri Grill

Type: Argentinian Adress: Plaza Guaynabo, local #11 (al lado de Supermax) GUAYNABO 00960 PR Parking: yes Price: $20-30 Kids: yes Food: The churrasco is nice, and the rest of the food too but for a place called chimichurri you expect the chimichurri to be the star attraction which in reality is not a big of a deal. So I can say its eatable because its correctly seasoned but its average. Service: its kind of wierd because you order and wait to be called to pick it up and the utensils, plates and drinking glasses look like they where in a rush to open and bought the first thing they found, missmatched. Comment: its an acceptable place if your on a limited budget and time. you can also enjoy this discount they have here:

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