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Christmas pork chops (chuleta navideña)


  1. pork chops

  2. onions

  3. dried tomatoes

  4. pasteles

  5. mushrooms

  6. marinade: Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper, ms.dash no salt added garlic and herb mix, lemon juice. you can also add amaretto or any alcohol of your liking.


  1. defrost the chops until you can run a knife to make a pocket

  2. take a sharp knife and carefully make a pocket in the middle of the chop, careful not to take it to the edges you might pierce the meat the the filling will come out. hold the chop with the bone away from you and hands on top of the chop and holding the bone a bit so it doesn’t move

  3. marinade chops with #6 in the ingredients list in bowl

  4. chop the onion , tomato and mushrooms into tiny cubes

  5. saute in a pan the onions, tomatoes and mushrooms

  6. if the mix if not enough to fill the chops take the pasteles and shred them so they are about the same size of the onion, tomato and mushrooms mix (this is what actually happened to mom and me. We didn’t calculate right the quantity of onion,tomato and mushroom and had half of the chops empty. we ran out of one of the ingredients but mom decided to mix the pasteles in the stuffing. Best decision ever!)

  7. put the pasteles and veggie mix inside the chop

  8. close the pocket with tooth picks

  9. roast the chop until fully cooked, check on it so it doesn’t dry up. this will take 30-45 min on 350 degrees

the chops are still great the next day and don’t need to be put in the oven to heat again.

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