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CLMDO Ocean Park

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The restaurant started in New York, then moved to Isabela in 2013 but after hurricane Maria they are now located in Ocean Park.

Type: Vegetarian / Vegan friendly Modern International Food

Parking: Limited

Price: $5 for tapas, and $20-30 for full plates

Kids: your grown up kids



They have a very unique concept of creating a menu around what they buy for the day. Which is cool because every thing you eat is fresh.

The menu is mostly vegetarian friendly, but they do have some vegan and gluten-free items.

The concept is also designed around tapas and small plates so you can try everything on the menu.

The menu for the day was:


The best selling items are the tapas, specifically the pumpkin and corn; the shakshuka and the porto poached pears.


My mom and I started with the veg hummus with sweet potato. The hummus was light, fresh and creamy. The sweet potato was so soft and had a subtle grilled taste to it.


Then we ate the pumpkin, corn and ahi dulce. The pumpkin was sweet and salty. The corn was spicy (in a good way) with a unique covering on the side of coffee. The ahi dulce was on the grill, a nice small crunchy bite.


Lastly for the dessert the porto pears was delicious and a nice way to end the lovely dinner.



They are very friendly and conscious about people lifestyles. Modifications to the menu can be done as long as it doesn’t take away ingredients from another dish.

The waiter did a good job at describing the items of the menu and even gave us a discount on wine because the cork broke (wasn’t her fault, we ordered Muga which tends to be one of those wines that the cork breaks often).


The restaurant is small and I recommend making reservations or coming early.

The main seating area

They have various areas: the main seating area, the large tables for private events and the terrace upstairs. When I first visited I went upstairs and its nice to be outdoors. The first visit was for the opening event sponsored by Magna Beer.

Magna Beer opening event


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