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Cocina Abierta Cll Caribe, San Juan, 00907Type: International/ CriolloKids: if your older than 18Parking: limitedPrice: $ 35 per personFood: The menu is designed for 5 courses that they recommend you share. You can orden one plate at a time or order them all at the same time. The plates are small portions but they do fill you up. The menu has wine pairings for each food but you can do like I did and just stick with one wine. The plate we chose were: Ripe Plantain Carpaccio Brulee With Tuna Tatake, Spanish Octopus Grilled Terrine, Duck Confit Stuffed Monfongo, and the Angus Short Ribs Braised In Malbec. The flavors and presentation were unique, very well cooked and seasoned, the mofongo was addictive, the tuna was tender, light and sweet and salty, the short ribs were literally fall of the bone (you just needed a fork to cut the meat), and the octopus was crispy and good . For dessert they served a mango and pineapple flambe. Tangy, sweet, perfect and the perfect dessert and a show! All of the gluten-lactose free menu items are the best selling items!Service: The service is excellent. Inmediately when i mentioned that I had food allergies the waiter came with a list of the things on the menu that where gluten and lactose free or where thing that could be easily changed. They also improvised an excellent fruit dessert. The place gets full so I recommend reservations unless you dont have problems sitting at the bar. You can also sit outside or sit viewing the kitchen action. The bartenders are excellent and well trained, the one that served us is currently in competitions.

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