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Come bien vive bien: Taller de Cocina Natural Creativa @ Jardín Botánico UPR Seminar by Back to the GardenAddress: Botanical Garden of the University of Puerto Rico Rio PiedrasPrice: $55Seminar: the seminar was given by 2 quiropractors that are vegan/vegetarian and practice natural medicine in a unique way, they cure illnesses with the use of food. they clarified that this way of eating is not a diet but a way of life. they do give you a list of things to avoid but they also turn things around and tell you the tons of things you can do to eat the things you love and still be healthy. like for example you should stay away from food high in sugars like chocolate, bread, ice creams but you should totally load up/ serve bigger portions of fruits, vegetables, and greens.the recepies are in spanish, so i’ll translate for the benefit of those who dont understand.Hummus Dressing2 cups of tahini paste1 zuchini1 celerylemon juice (half a lemon)1/8 teaspoon of onionhalf a clove of garliccilantro, parsley, basilpaprika, curry, cayenne pepper and cumin“Ice Cream” 5-7 bananas preferably frozenyou can add: valnilla, berries and carob powder (cocoa substitute)Watermelon punch1-2 cups of natural coconut water (not the ones you get at the supermarket where they have added sugars)2-3 Cups of watermelon5-7 StrawberriesCauliflower riceCauiliflower in piezes1/4 to 1/2 cups of onionscilantro, basil, oregano, culantro (recao)cumin, rosemary, thyme, sage, turmeric1 teaspoon of tahini paste1 garlic bulbbell peppers dicedtomatoes dicedLemon juiceblend in food processorvia PressSync

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