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Comedor Social @ UPRRP

“Comerdor social” is an initiative by students that consists of self-managed food distribution socially oriented and activists. It is one of the projects of the Center for Political, Educational and Cultural Development (CDPEC), a nonprofit organization activist base. it is conducted on campus in Rio Piedras and Cayey at different times. Itinerant soup kitchens are made in communities.the food is free because it is for a good cause: many students at the university  sacrifice thier money to pay bills and debt and sometimes the money they get from family, work and loans is not enoughin Rio Piedras they are inside the University of Puerto Rico usually in front of the business administration and social sciences buildings.the Menu changes every day depending on donations and usually consists of a buffet that you can choose one of two meats and sides like salad, rice, potatoes, etc.People can donate food, volunteer, donate money, and plates (or bring your own)The day i came to try their food i forgot to bring lunch and they had chicken with guayaba sauce, breaded fish, green salad, rice, and pasta salad. I chose the chicken with rice. the chicken was tender fall of the bone, sweet and well seasoned. the rice was cooked to perfection with fresh pidgeon pees. i still dream about that chicken, while writing i though about it and made me hungry.please cooperate, donate and help! i will help, im going to donate rice!

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