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COOKING: Meatless Pasta

This is a recipe with video on how to make meatless pasta!

It will take 5-15 minutes

You can use meat if you want. To save time you can cook the meat ahead of time, freeze it and then reheat to use as needed.

  1. boil gluten free pasta. Do not cook until al dente leave a little bit under cooked because it will continue cooking later

  2. while that boiling or when its done (so you do a one pot meal) get some olive oil on the pan and cook the vegetables. you can choose any that you like. season vegetables with any mix of herbs you like, I used the ms. Dash Italian her mix

  3. once the vegetables are done pour the water and sauce and then the pasta. add sauce as much you like.

  4. once all mixed let it cool

Here is the video, the instructions are in Spanish but they are the same instructions you’ll see here

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