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Cosechas Food Truck

type: criolloAddress: Cll Amapola, Caguas, 00725price: less tan $30parking: limitedkids: yesService: the food truck is a bit tricky to find but its worth the trip. when you arrive there will be someone at the door of the truck taking the order, they’ll prepare it and call you to pick up. they have a mini fridge where you take the beverages. they are really nice, fast and environmentally friendly. they have biodegradable utensils and plates. they have tables under a terrace they built next to the truck and a guy that takes care of your car and cleaning. Come early and carpooling the parking is limited.Food: my mom, my mom’s best friend and me ordered the same thing, skirt stake with fried plantains. mom ordered the side of gnocchi. each order comes with salad that has goat cheese, strawberries and vinaigrette. the steak was so tender we didn’t even use the knife, it had a really fresh chimichurri and crispy freshly made tostones. the gnocchi was light and delicious. really good portions. They have natural juices perfect to beat the summer heat. As you can notice in the pictures they have fixed menu and special menu that changes every day, depending on what they can find on the local markets.

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