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Cueva Ventana 

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Type: Cave Address: Hato Viejo, Arecibo 00612, Puerto Rico Price: $10-20 depending if you are a resident or a non resident with VIP or regular tickets. large groups require reservations. Parking: a lot of parking available Kids: yes Hours: 10am to 5pm Experience: when you are on the road be on the look out for a huge green sign that says Cueva Ventana, its easy to pass because the letters are the same green. Park your car and at the entrance there will be a line to buy tickets. You can also buy tickets ahead of time online or your hotel may have arranged tours. You have to go through some stairs to get to the main area where you will be handed a helmet and witness a Taino Baptism (yes, they assign you a Taino name, which is cool). The tour will start at the forest describing the animals and plants found here. You will climb some stairs to the first part of the cave. The first part of the cave has an exit and entrance, its not slippery at all just a bit dark and they let you use your phone flash light. Its not had to enter just grab on if your not sure of where your stepping. you will exit the cave and enter the forest again. The second part of the cave has the famous ventana (window). You will go down the rocks, they will indicate to grab on the rope and enter the cave. You will be handed some flashlights. DO NOT point flashlight to the ceiling! you will disturb the bats but they bats are harmless, they are fruit bats. The cave is darker than the first but beautiful. when you finally get to the window you will see a boa in the ceiling (chill, its asleep). Be careful of the guano, don´t step on it. at the window stay on the edge of where it starts to descend, the descend is unstable ground. The bathrooms are super clean, they have henna tattoos, and various activities. if you are hungry after the experience at the entrance where you paid for the tickets there´s a “chinchorro” where you can buy criollo food. below you can see my go pro pictures!

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