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East Restaurant AsianAddress: Plaza Guaynabo Callle D-9 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00969Price: $35 per personParking: limited parking near the restaurant but there are other parking available nearbyFood: the menu is split in two. One with regular plates and the other has sushi. You can also choose teppanyaki. My boyfriend and I choose the sushi boat which brings a variety of sushi, usually the most popular ones. The sushi is literally brought in a small wooden boat with wasabi and ginger. You can order spicy mayo, which is great for the sushi. The teppanyaki is not very gluten free because they make food for a lot of people and add soy sauce to everything. The sushi and regular food is more controlled. I really loved the small ones with crab, shrimp and salmon. Try the spicy sushi its the best! Its a lot of food so you might want to share and order take out.Service: The waiter was really nice on helping us decide what to eat and really considerate on how to make the sushi gluten free. Get here early or make reservations, especially for the teppanyaki tables. The place is really relax and really great. If your seated near the teppanyaki enjoy the fire and knife show, its really great.

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