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El Bocata Español

Type: Spanish Tapa & traditional food

Price: affordable

Parking: valet parking, let the them handle your car

Kids: yes

Service: super energetic and helpful when it is your first time here. they really know there stuff. they really please what your appetite wants. they are still getting the hang of things and you will end up with like 3 different menus but it is best to ask them what they recommend to eat

Food: they have full diners and when you just want finger food like 26 different tapas. the croquetas of bacalao, the Spanish tortilla, the calamaris and the sandwiches with fries are just some of them. but here out this order the fries just for the aleoli and the red wine vinegar reduction you’ll not regret it because it is out of bound delicious and addictive and you’ll end up putting it on everything you eat.

Comment: it is slow for dinner if you want something relaxed and if you work near by you can certainly go here for lunch. they have music and its a nice place to go to.

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