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El Consquistador Hotel & nearby areas

The hotel is a bit had to find since the roads are not marked and mostly residential, I suggest you use a GPS.The Conquistador is a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. It is a huge resort that has a golf course, apartments, various pools (regular pools and a pool park), a bar, dance area, mini concert and activity area, restaurants, and palomino island.The apartments are time share homes where you can stay or invest, it fully equipped with a kitchen, laundry, house keeping, a balcony, and there prices depend on their view (ocean views are more expensive)The pool park has a lazy river, 3 slides and a kids area. the regular pools are more for exercise and relaxationthe hotel has areas for concerts, a Starbucks, an area for dancing and bar called twenty one, an area for boats, game room, office space, are for conferences (all the big conferences like the one for CPA, Human Resources, and others).the Palomino island is awesome. It has the beach, and area to hike, you can ride horses, eat, it has a lot of toys (jet skies, kayaks, floats, horse shoe,etc)It has various restaurants: Chops, Blossoms, La Piccola Fontana, Iguana’s, Café Bella Vista, Drake’s Martini Bar, and much more!Las croabas which is the beach area next to the hotel is a place where people can come walk, eat, buy handmade stuff, and take boats to near by islands. The place is pretty but smelly and seriously underutilized. I see potential in this beach as a hang out place for residents and visitors but it needs some TLC.You can also visit las Cabezas de San Juan (buy tickets ahead of time and make reservations), go to the bio-bay tour (also make reservations, there are 2 bio-bays Fajardo and Vieques), you can visit Vieques and Culebra. There are also nearby forest and municipalities you can visit (like Naguabo)There is also a hotel next door called Fajardo Inn where the pool is open to the public and has slides, floats, bar, and fun stuff.

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