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El Cuñao

Type: Puerto Rican Food

Address: Panoramica from Cayey to Aibonito

Parking: yes

Price: less than $30, but really depends on how many pounds of pork you order

Kids: hell yes

Food: the “morcilla”, “relleno de papa”, “sorullitos” and rice and beans will wake up your taste buds and Latino in you; hopefully you will learn some Spanish by the end of the day. Try some pork it is juicy, tender and delicious. pull of some of the “cuerito”( its not chicharron, its crispy pork’s skin called by its correct name) and do not take off the fat (eat it with fat and all); this will really get your heart (and cholesterol) pumping.

Service: humble and nice people that know every one and know what they are doing. service includes for staying here and eating or for activities.

Comment: get on a treadmill when you finish eating trust me you will not want to leave. This place is always fairly empty except in Christmas season (from November 26 – to January 14) where festivities are going one fairly every day and they are busy cooking and preparing. So, here get up early and call, when you get here the food will be ready to pick up, it will be much faster and easier for you and them. Do not be confused by the fact that maybe some people at 9am might be having pork with rice and beans.

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