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El Deck

Type: criolloaddress:Avenida Emiliano Pol las cumbres, 00926 San Juan, Puerto Ricoprice: $10 per person or lesskids: yesparking: limitedfood: classical criollo dishes made with love, ribs, pegao, sancocho, they also have seasonsal foods like lechon, pasteles, rice and beans. all excelent. big portions so sharing is a good idea.service: they owner does everything, his mom does the cooking and waiters. so you know you’re getting attention like you’re family.comments: it gets full for lunch time and its famous for take outs and “chinchorreo”. don’t be intimidated by the fact thats in front of a caserio, its preety calm during the day.note:my food allergy concerns are zero here; because the easiest food to eat when you’re in a gluten-free diet is criollo food. i have discovered that the hardest food but not impossible is Mexican, Italian, and Asian.Mexican: the tortillas, sauces and cheese. if they corn tortillas like in Rosa Mexicano, it makes my life easier.Italian: sauces, pasta, and cheese. there is meat  and fish dishes that are the easiest. i usually go to restaurants where i know the chef, it’s easier to get things like you want them with any weird faces.Asian: sauces, soy sauce, noodles. the hardest to eat. they don’t understand the concept of allergies, even in restaurants owned by puertorricans, I just don’t get it. whats so hard to do about putting the soy sauce on the side and not drown the sushi in it. they are like fast foods sometimes where they say I cant remove the pickles or else ill get fired (of course i’m exaggerating because that’s how ridiculous they can be). i try to go as vegan as possible in asian restaurants or just order sushi, it seemed to work the last time i went to one.

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