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El mesòn gallego SpanishAddress: next to Fuller and Ceibakids: yesparking: valet parking, limitedfood: I tried the duck with potatoes. it was so tender i didn’t need a knife and with crispy skin, crunchy goodness. dad tried the garbanzos with sea food  a soup like dish that’s super comforting. mom tried the lab with tostones, she asked for the homemade hot sauce which is good. for appetizer we ordered the octopus and the chorizo and for dessert the apple pie and for me the homemade sorbets (they have various flavors: lemon, mango, tamarindo, guanabana, strawberry)service: excellent five star. you will notice that the waiters are all older men that are very well dressed, the younger ones will only serve you water; this is usual in Spanish restaurants. you will notice that its super authentic when everyone is from Spain. This is very usual in real European restaurants (Italian, French, Spanish, etc.) you will notice that everyone and sometimes even the food is from that country; so you are getting the full experience without taking a plane.comment: recently remodeled for a more modern feel and to reach a younger crowd. its original look was all wood, a look that was popular in the 80-90’s between older people (plus 60 years old). very busy for lunch, a little bit more peaceful for early dinner (6pm) at 8pm starts to get full.

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