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El Meson Sandwiches

Type: Breakfast, sandwich, snacks, cofee

Address: Guaynabo, San Juan, caguas, malls

Kids: yes

Parkings: yes

Food: they have a super delicious veriety of healthy sandwiches that will fill up your appetite for some thing big but good for you. the offer hardy breakfasts, delicious cofees, tempting pastries and a mesotron (a 2ft long sandwich for feeding a crowd of people)

Service: they are super nice and with all the hectic pace they have they do give you a super customized sandwich with your favorite side like sorullos stuffed with chesse and mayoketchup or regular fries. if their is any problem with your order they do take care of it and fast your either way you always leave satisfied

Comment:great place but come early to find parking and a small line.

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