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El Mojito and Guavate Criollo food hog heavenAddress: Carr. 184, Km 32.9, Barrio Guavate, Cayey, Puerto RicoParking: limitedPrice: $20-30 ave.Kids: yesService: There isn’t a menu but you can see what you want in the food trays and order. They are really nice and fast even though there are long lines since they open. They keep everything local, clean and well presented. There will always be a line, you cant avoid it, just do the line, it will be worth the wait. Criollo food is by default allergy friendly, except for some fried foods and food items like pasta or potato salads.Food: you have to try the pork obviously with the cuerito (crispy pork skin), with boiled or sweet or fried plantains, there rice with fresh picked pigeon peas.  Also try the morcilla (blood sausage) and the longaniza (sausage). I tasted Caldo de Oso Sangria and it was so good! it tasted like a was eating a guayaba! so refreshing for summer! and its made here in PR!About Guavate: It is a sector (highway 184) filled with restaurants and it gets packed from very early in the morning with people ordering things for lunch, dinner and even for brunch (the mental picture of someone eating cuerito at 9 am is totally possible and real).In the area near Lechonera los Pinos (a restaurant with wooden totems) we recommend to park in the first available space and walk, it is really difficult to drive with a bunch of people in the middle. The area where El Mojito is, it more drive-able, but still you will find traffic of people parking and leaving.If you enter through the area of Los Pinos do not, and i mean it, do not take road 763 that says that it takes you to Caguas. It a road filled with a lot of curves that I guarantee that they will make you dizzy and it will take you a really long time to get to Guavate.I suggest you don’t eat anything with mayonnaise since it has been made with some hours in advance and it is close to hot food items.

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