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El obrero

Type: criolloAddress: Calle Robles 273 Esq Barbosa, Río PiedrasPrice: max $30 super cheapParking: very extremely limitedKids: eat while you learn some history, i wish history classes where more like this and not so boring.Service: super nice and fast, they  treat you like if they have known you forever. the menu is already in the table, so when you sit down look at the tablefood: i recommend that you share, it is allot of food for such a low price. let me tell you i ordered chicken with mofongo, the chicken was the size of 2 1/2 almost 3 galaxy notes together.comment: do come early like at 11:30 or late like at 1:30 because any other time in between i guarantee you it will be packed. this historical landmark restaurant has been around for approximately 3 to 4 generations, meaning granpa, dad, and maybe your great grand dad ate here.Note: sorry i haven’t written in a while, I’ve been busy finishing my last semester of class and on top of that driven crazy by the demonic possession of the mucus and sneezing demons (that’s how bad my allergies get, and i’m trying to figure out there source of them…beyond the obvious pollen, dust, and annoying air particles)

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