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El Rincón que no conoces

Location:Plaza Olmedo

Type: peruvian food

price: $30 ave

Parking: valet parking, limited

kids: yes

service: they are very nice, fast, considerate to food allergies. they take time to explain in detail the food items that interest you and the specials since some things are autochthonous to Peru which we puertorricans have never heard of. they have a small selection of wines but they are good quality wines for a good price. it is a casual place to have a good time and hear some good music. if your going to dinner late (like at 8-9 pm) make reservations.

food: the food is colorful, tasty,fresh and interesting fusion of Latin american flavors. we tried the risotto, the chicken “saltado”, “causa” of chicken, and fried calamari. everything was well seasoned, well cooked, light and refreshing. you should try the sangria they are delicious.  the best part of the meal was the “causa”, i would have eaten the 3 different ones that are available (chicken, tuna, meat). I didn’t try desserts since they had gluten and lactose but they did recommend us the flans.

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