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En Boga internationalAddress: Avenida de Diego #308, Puerto Nuevo (in front of Auroritas)price: $30-50 yesparking: limited valet parkingservice: the restaurant only works through reservations, the place is small and new so call early because it gets full fast. the waiters are great at suggesting meals and how to plan your meal depending on what your craving. the menu is flexible is you only want appetizers or half portions of entrees or you want to share. they are very considerate to allergies and change stuff if needed. all the waiters have credit card machines so they can process the order right at your table.the place is colorful and family friendly but also good to hang out with friends, it has a bar in a corner to have some mom and i tried the octopus and alcapurrias for appetizers, they were so good with that aeoli and chimichirri sauce. the alcapurrias were crunchy and the octopus well cooked. for entree we shared the lamb chops with apple cinnamon bacon sauce and goat cheese. yes you heard right apple cinnamon bacon sauce, smother that all over those chops and here angels sing, its that awesome. we ordered the skirt stake for dad to go and he said it was good, well cooked and seasoned, he was a happy man. for drinks try the sangria, they have various flavors like mango, passion fruit, and cherry. they are very refreshing, light on the alcohol, home made and delicious. the most curious thing about the experience here is that instead of bread they serve popcorn while your waiting for the food, the popcorn has no butter but is sprinkled with paprika and bacon fat.

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