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Entrevinos wine bar

Rating: wine heaven

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Type: Wine bar restaurant

Kids: yes, you can bring the kids

Price: $60 per person

Parking: there is valet parking available



Mom and I went here on a Saturday and it was not that full. From other people that have gone here I’ve heard that the busy time of this restaurant is during the week. I recommend that if you are going during the week, make reservations.

They have a large selection of wines and they are classified by type and price.

The place has a nice ambiance perfect for parties, hanging out or just going out to eat. It has a very modern feel.

The waiter for my table was excellent. She really knows a lot about wine which was really helpful and also made a delicious choice. She made sure to check on us from time to time, offer sparkling water and made great recommendations for the food.


They do offer brunch and lunch during the week.

They have make vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free modifications to the food.

I do recommend sharing plates, for large groups or if you have a small appetite.

I ordered the fried baby veal chops and mom ordered the baby back ribs. The veal chops were crispy and had a nice sauce. They reminded me of orange chicken or Kung Pao Chicken. I also tried a back rib and they were sweet and well seasoned. Our sides were vegetables, but you can choose mashed potatoes, rice or french fries.

For dessert, if you want something gluten and lactose-free they have a lemon sorbet that is off the menu. The sorbet was paired with fresh fruits and was a nice end to the excellent meal we had.


I had an excellent time and hope to be returning soon to try the appetizers!

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