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Fast Food

Type: vein clogging and certain death “food”

address: everywhere

parking: yeah

kid: they love this crap until they become…

service: they don’t care, there are exceptions

food: there are better things in this world that this type of “food”, i know that may be your budget is limited and this is your only choice but for the love of God if your going to eat here pick something the least horrible. read the freaking nutritional facts. this should be a household no-no from the very start, prohibited. i know it delicious but really think of the harm it does.

comment: i was once addicted to this crap and it was not good, i became obese as a result; thank God I lost the weight and kept it off. really parents you should go through the trouble of teaching your kids who to eat good quality foods and a variety of them. i know most parents don’t cook anymore but you should and integrate the kids to the kitchen; the more they know and try the less picky they are. i was once a picky eater believe it or not and thanks to my parents tacking me to places and letting me order from the normal menu not kids menu i became the fearless eater i am today. instead of saying “oh you cant go cause you wont eat anything but the kids menu”, bring them and say “pick anything you want honey”.

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