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Festival de carros antiguos festival is held every year at the parking of the Hiram Bithorn. They have various areas for each type of car, styles and years. There was an area just for mustangs, ford Model A, Volkswagen lots of cars form the 60’s and 70’s challengers, darts, matadors, Toyota, etc. there were also newer models of porche, BMW, Ferrari, etc. There is food and treats available, some are paid and others are free. there was also a lot of jeeps and a “Jeep Experience” where you ride the newest jeep on an obstacle course. they have activities, singers, contest, gifts. The festival last two days from 8am to 6pm and its usually around valentines day. The parking is $5 and the ticket is like $10. If your going bring water, tennis shoes, long sleeves and sun block. This was the perfect gift for me because I love cars. I suggest that if your allergic like me you go here with your belly full because the food they sell are not gluten free unless its an alcapurria or fries. They also had Popsicle’s that some where water or juice based. below you will see the pictures that i took with my go pro.

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