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firehouse subs

Type: like quiznos and subwayPrice: $10-30Parking: yes, depends on where you are goingKids: yes, let them have fun and cause a kilo-metric line in the coca cola freestyle machineService: its much like Quiznos and Subway where order a standard sub and add whatever fixings you like. they do take a while to make because of the toasting, the sauce, and meats that they make at the moment of ordering.Food: super huge subs that are delicious but i found that you get full because of the ridiculous amount and volume of the bread, not of what is inside. for people that are not used to dunking bread into sauces might get lost as to what to we do with the sauce, some will dunk, some others will pour it. (here in PR we do dunk it in soups and coffees, and sometimes into sauce)comment: firehouse is not as healthy as Quiznos and Subway but it sure is a good place to eat lunch. like every new franchise brought into the island we do get over excited and fill the place up, so go early and spare yourself the waiting time like i did. when it comes to food i dont like waiting.

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