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Fogon del Rey

Fogon del Rey website: CriolloAddress: 55 George L. Colton St, Guaynabo, Guaynabo 00969, Puerto Rico next to the Transportation MeasuemPrice: $20-40 per person, pretty affordableParking: limited valet parking, get early at 8-9 pm it gets crowdedService: the place has two floors the first is for a more formal dinner service or for parties and the second is more informal/bar style. They are pretty fast at serving food, specially if you come early. They are the same owners as Habichuela Guisa which is a great restaurant by the way. Eleven years ago this restaurant opened its doors to please the Puerto Rican palate with local and international cuisine. Today, with its newly refurbished facilities have a varied menu, lunch specials, catering service, happy hours and live music on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Besides private rooms activities where it has done everything imaginable. They specialize in local food as international cuisine, children’s menu and a wide variety of drinks, frappe, natural juices and spirits. Activities: catering activities are performed inside and outside the restaurant. They have 2 activity rooms, one with a capacity of 70 people and the other for 50 people. Both are equipped with the technology needed for quality presentations.Food: I tried the chicken stuffed with sweet plantains, it was sweet and salty, perfectly done and seasoned. My boyfriend tried the rice and mofongo, I couldn’t resist to try and invaded his plate and took some food, I felt him some of mine of course. It was really good mofongo, fresh and crispy and the rice was perfect with the beans. We also tried the ceviche with chips, really good and not to strong, just enough lime and seasoning to bring out the freshness of the seafood. There are somethings on the menu that are store bought and not made in the restaurant, just ask the waiter.

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