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Freezing Point

Freezing Point Type: Ice cream, sorbets, and shakes

Address: near the “8 del blanco” bar

Parking: no, walking distance to UPR Rio Piedras

Price: less than $10

Kids: you dont know what your missing

Service: they are nice and give you free samples. they are like maggie moose and ben and jerry’s because one scoop isnt just one scoop its the whole serving cup filled, which is the best part. the probabilities that you know the employee are allot if your a student, so you will feel right at home here.

Food: try the nutela shake, the corn with cake sorbet, cookies and cream, heck try everything this is too great. they hace fresh fruits, candies, nutela, and affordale prices.

comment: it is a small place, but for a student hang out its quite all right. You will have good craving dreams after you try the nutela shake, trust me it ridiculously delicious.

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