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fress grill

Type: sandwitch, hamburguer, wraps, salads

Address: PR-18, San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

Kids: yes

Parking: i hope so, i ordered delivery so dont know

Price: resonable for the huge wrap i ordered with soup and dessert $10-30

Food: tried the tropical wrap, you can also try it in sandwitch version also great by the way, very delicious and refreshing. also tried the pumking soup and panna cotta (which i noticed they had mistaken it for flan but still good) they include in every order a bag of veggie chips and cheetos with are wierd but addictive

Service: pretty fast for delivery, will update when i go inside the place so i can write more here.

Comment: enjoyed this lunch alot, it was my first that i had at as an intern at a job i just got at Toyota, pretty cool. ofcourse i have had other intership experience but never this fomal and well paid. this is the reason you may be asking but where has she gone, im just super busy.

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