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Fuentes BBQ

Type: Criollo

Price: $30-50

Parking: yes

Kids: yes, 2 magical words will make them wag their imaginary tails like dogs wanting treats: “tender chicken”

Service: you have two areas the “im in a hury so i’ll take it to go” or the “sit down and relax”. they are very nice, fast, courteous, story tellers. you can be here in a relax family environment. It is a low key /affordable environment but you can be here with no rush, no fuss.

Food: you cant go here and not try the chicken it is super tender, the mofongo is #1, the lemonade is refreshing and good for you, and most of all the side salad is worth the try. they do have typical criollo desserts like tierrita that are also worth the try (mousse topped with oreo that they make it in a flower pot and put a fake flower on top…it looks like the dirt you put in a flower pot hence its name) .

Comment: it is close by to Centro Medico Hospital so if your in a hurry because you have to go do your medical stuff or attend a family member this is the place for you.

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